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24 Mar

03-24-2018 to 03-24-2018 – On a full moon SadGirl mysteriously surfaced out of the Pacific and staggered onto the streets of LA. Cousins Misha Lindes (guitar/vocals), Paul Caruso (drums) and Dakota Peterson (bass) don’t remember much of their childhood (it was submerged at the bottom of the murky sea)

But now, the lo-fi, surf-wop trio is making waves. Proclaimed one of LA’s Hardest-Working Bands by Oh My Rockness, SadGirl delivers an iconic, “DIY” package of sound and image, complete with logo and merch designs equally fashionable and punk-rock.

Like a twisted marriage between Roy Orbison and The Cramps (ordained by Link Wray) SadGirl invokes the music of a by-gone era. But don’t be fooled, these aren’t the tunes from Uncle Jimmy’s juke box…


Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.

24 Mar

03-23-2018 to 03-24-2018 – The pop-culture phenomenon Schoolhouse Rock comes to life on stage in this musical adaptation of everyone’s favorite Saturday morning cartoon. Performed by local, young actors from U of U Youth Theatre, the show follows Tom, a school teacher nervous about his first day, and includes all the best songs from the original, including Conjunction Junction, I’m Just a Bill, and more.

Senses Fail

24 Mar

03-24-2018 to 03-24-2018 – Postfontaine presents Senses Fail with special guests, Reggie and the Full Effect, Have Mercy, and Household.


Taylorsville Art Show 2018

24 Mar

03-20-2018 to 03-24-2018 – Open to the public free art show, exhibition and viewing. Held at the Taylorsville SR. Center.

The University of Utah Children’s Dance Theatre presents “The Magic Lake.”

24 Mar

03-23-2018 to 03-24-2018 – From the mountains of South America comes The Magic Lake, a fantastical tale of courage, adventure and mystery, newly adapted for the stage by the University of Utah Children’s Dance Theatre.

High in the Andes, a young llama-herder named Chaska restlessly dreams of visiting faraway lands. When a deadly plague sweeps across the empire and the Emperor’s daughter falls ill, Chaska sets out in search of a cure. Aided by condors, pink dolphins, macaws, and other colorful characters, she seeks a way to reach the dream world where the healing waters of a stolen lake may hold the answer.

Thread Painting: Embroidery Landscape with Danielle Susi

24 Mar

03-24-2018 to 03-24-2018 – UMOCA’s exhibition, Desire Lines, evokes humans’ complicated relationship with the landscape through artworks that reveal our impact and disturbance of the land. Just as a “desire line” goes off the traditional path, students in this class will use their instincts and desires to create “thread paintings.” Participants will learn embroidery techniques to create their own abstracted landscape pieces. All materials provided. Many thanks to partial sponsorship from DMC.

About the Instructor: Danielle Susi is a writer and fiber artist based in Northern Utah. She received her Master of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has shown her fiber work at the Page Gallery and Sullivan Galleries in Chicago, as well as Pandemonium, Bountiful Davis Art Center, and the Weber County Library System in Utah. She has taught embroidery workshops at Booked on 25th, Bountiful Davis Art Center, Thyme & Place, and Fellow Shop. Find her online at

Twin Peaks

24 Mar

03-24-2018 to 03-24-2018 – Give Twin Peaks an inch and they’ll take a stretch of the road. Having careened across America and beyond, sharing their staggering energy, the band made their third album the best way they know how: by themselves. The same group that pro-duced the scuzzy squalor of their debut Sunken, had legions of fans screaming along to their anthemic sophomore effort, Wild Onion, now swings and serenades with Down In Heaven (out on Grand Jury on May 13th).