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10th Annual Sorenson Campus Community Fair

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – The Community Fair is a free event open to the public. There will be food, bounce houses, creamies, live entertainment, a photo booth, a bike rodeo, and many more family fun activities for free!

3rd Annual Story Crossroads Festival

24 May

05-21-2018 to 05-24-2018 – Mark your calendar for the 3rd Annual Story Crossroads Festival on May 23, 2018 at the Murray City Park (495 E. 5300 S., Murray, UT-morning sessions) and the South Jordan Community Center (10778 S. Redwood Rd., South Jordan, UT-evening concerts).  We know you want to take part in it somehow.  We have a place for you as a teller or a listener…or as both.

Story Crossroads is a Utah-based event that features 19 professional multicultural story artists as well as over 50 community members telling in the main stage event.  Youth, community, and seniors will be taught through storytelling residencies at libraries, schools, and other venues by certified story-teachers in preparation for this celebration.  Bilingual and cultural performers combine arts to bring the stories forward for the audience.  Enjoy stories told with ancient technique while simultaneously enjoying newfangled approaches to these traditions.

Caribbean Nightingale

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – At RAW Artists Salt Lake City, you will enjoy diverse performances such as fashion shows and explore different artists booths such as makeup artists.

RAW Artists will be Live at ABC4 Utah – Good4Utah on 5/23 at 4pm to talk more about their worldwide showcases and the upcoming Salt Lake City one.

Get your tickets from my link below (preferably by May 17), and you will save $8. Every ticket purchased from my link will be eligible for a prize from my drawing.

Chosen Country: A Rebellion in the West by James Pogue

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – In a remote corner of Oregon, James Pogue found himself at the heart of a rebellion. Granted unmatched access by Ammon Bundy to the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Pogue met ranchers and militiamen ready to die fighting the federal government. He witnessed the fallout of communities riven by politics and the danger of uncompromising religious belief. The occupation ended in the shooting death of one rancher, the imprisonment of dozens more, and a firestorm over the role of government that engulfed national headlines.

Curator Talk | ShiPu Wang: “Obata’s Cosmopolitan California”

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – ShiPu Wang, curator of Chiura Obata: An American Modern, offers insight into the exhibition slated to open Friday, May 25.

Hawthorne Heights with Listener, Hotel Books, Sienna Skies, and Heavy Things

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – Sometimes the things you love give you HOPE. Sometimes you HATE the things you love the most. But, often times the things you love can make you HURT.

Hawthorne Heights return to form with Hurt, the long awaited third EP in their Hate/Hope/Hurt trilogy. Hurt not only shines with elements rooted in their classic sound, but also showcases a maturity and level of confidence that can only be honed after twelve years of being a band. After spending the better part of a year on the road celebrating the ten year anniversary of their debut album The Silence in Black and White, the band returned home to Ohio to begin writing for Hurt. Feeling newly inspired and clearly invigorated, what resulted was a collection of eight songs that celebrate looking back while boldly pushing forward. “Everything that ends will soon become new again.” Vocalist/Lyricist JT Woodruff says: “Sometimes the past haunts you like a ghost, but we weren’t afraid to become the ghosts of what we used to be. There is still some life and hope left in these bones, and we will continue to suck the marrow out of life.”

Horse Feathers

24 May

05-24-2018 to 05-24-2018 – Horse Feathers feels like a secret you don’t really want to share. Over twelve years and five albums, a passionate fan base has experienced this band as a precious commodity that they want to keep close to their hearts. One reason for this can be found in lead singer Justin Ringle’s distinctive voice, at once vulnerable and piercing, and in the quality of the music: gorgeous, lush string arrangements surrounding stark, visceral lyrics whose bite makes a piquant juxtaposition to the surrounding beauty.