Indie Music Night

12 Aug

08-12-2017 to 08-12-2017 – Belle Jewel:

Belle Jewel recently competed as a finalist on NBC’s hit show “The Voice” and worked closely with Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus in the process. Shortly after her television debut, she released a well-received cover of No Doubt’s “Spiderwebs” with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. She is currently working on her first original album, and is looking forward to opening for Cat Power at the Twilight Concert series on August 17th.

Belle Jewel possesses a sweet, ethereal voice that will wrap you up in her enchanting melodies and lyrics. Her retro-inspired vocal style is paired with a quirky, edgy songwriting approach and the result is something truly unique.

All Hope Contained:

All Hope Contained is an Alternative Rock band sculpted from the Salt Lake City Underground. The group was formed on the shoulders of Chris Johansen (Vocals/Guitar) with now-departed guitarist, Robbie Driver in 2013. Now joined by veterans to the Salt Lake music scene, Montana Jackman (Bass), Gabriel Slatten (Drums) and Benny Rhodes (Guitar/Keyboard), All Hope Contained delivers a commanding force of dynamic shifts and melodic vocal hooks that stretch the boundaries of the Alternative Genre. In the wake of local acclaim from their debut, recordings entitled, “Need I Say More”, All Hope Contained has returned to the writing lab and recording studio to once again to flex their songwriting muscles and just released a new aggressive yet emotive single, “Break”. Major influences of All Hope Contained include Brand New, 30 Seconds to Mars, Dashboard Confessional, and Angles & Airwaves.


Michael Vee:

Music that makes people feel. Ever since Michael was a kid, he dreamed of growing up to be a rockstar. After seeing the incredible impact of music on people throughout his life, he began to pursue it seriously, writing songs rooted in deep emotions that could connect with any audience. He spent two years doing missionary work in the Philippines, and wishes to spend the rest of his life helping people through writing music that inspires and gives hope to those who are hurting.





Cera’s music is often described as having an old school, rock feel with a modern twist. Twist being the key word. But I say you have to hear her to understand just how steller her sound is. Her songwriting takes you on a journey through the perfect match between lyrics, vocals and style that have will you stuned by how unique and proffessional she is.


Jarom Eubanks:

Jarom Eubanks (, an up and coming alternative artist from salt lake city has been catching the ears of industry professionals with his catchy melodies and powerful music. Currently, at the number 1 spot on the ReverbNation charts, Jarom always brings a greate performance.

From Salt Lake city Jarom was drawn to music at an early age listening to old queen and Beatles records on his dad’s record player and then making up songs on his little guitar and family piano. After losing the courage and fear of a 5-6 year old Jarom left music behind. Through years of secret sorrow and depression, Jarom rediscovered music and turned his life around. Music has changed his life and now he wants to do the same for others.


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