Therapy Thursdays: Camp Questionmark’s Road to Playa

10 Aug

08-10-2017 to 08-10-2017 – V2 Presents and Sky SLC present

Camp Questionmark’s Road to the Playa

Featuring Slander & JOYRYDE

Camp Questionmark is a non profit group that does fundraisers throughout the year to exist & then give it all away at Burning Man. We try to create the best experience we can to feature & enjoy the music we love.

Every year inside the majestic world of Burning Man, Camp Questionmark appears. But this incredible stage and atmosphere that Camp Questionmark brings to the Burn doesn’t just appear, all year long the team works tirelessly to raise the funds that are needed to create this experience and then they give it all back to the project on The Playa. This year V2 Presents + SKY SLC has teamed up with Camp Questionmark to help raise funds to support this incredible venture and with a little help from our friends Slander, Joyryde and YOU we can help this beautiful vision become reality!

Come be apart of the passion behind Camp Questionmark and support a community of people who come together to celebrate life through music.

& don’t forget to always Question Everything!

For VIP reservations contact : 216.375.4684


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