One Foot: Lojo Simon

6 Aug

08-04-2017 to 08-06-2017 – Wasatch Theatre Company will kick off their 20th Anniversary Season with the original play, One Foot, by Lojo Simon to be performed at the Great Salt Lake Fringe. This is the first-time Wasatch Theatre Company has participated in the Fringe. Performances of One Foot will take place in the Westminster College Courage Theatre August 4–6, 2017. “One Foot is a beautiful story of love and loss, and what it means to be complete,” said director Zac Curtis. “It exposes the inseparable relationship between pain and beauty in our lives.”

The Fringe performance will bring Wasatch Theatre Company full circle since the company perform their very first production, A.R. Gurney’s “The Dining Room,” in the Westminster College Courage Theatre 20 years ago. “All of our founding members, myself included, are graduates of the Westminster College Theatre Department,” said artistic director Jim Martin. “We all have fond memories of performing in the Courage Theatre.” According to Martin, One Foot is a perfect fit for a fringe festival given the edgy subject matter, small cast and modest production demands.Playwright Lojo Simon describes the play as a meditation on the push-pull of relationships between the things we can count on and the things that can disappear at any moment.

“The older we get, the more we learn to live in that place of tension between things, where everything that is coming towards us is also going away, and the passage of time is at once swift and eternal,” she says. This is the third year of the Great Salt Lake Fringe, which runs from July 28–August 6 and includes 200 performances involving 50 different performing arts groups from Utah and surrounding states. In addition to cutting edge theatre, the Fringe includes dance and musical performances, and the Visual Fringe art show.


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