GiGi’s Circus

6 Aug

07-30-2017 to 08-06-2017 – Salt Lake City, July 9, 2017: Aerial Arts of Utah brings GiGi’s Circus back to Great Salt Lake Fringe Fest, this time performed by their newly formed Student Performing Company. GiGi’s Circus originally debuted at GSL Fringe Fest in 2015, performed by AAU’s staff company, this year’s version features new acts and ample enthusiasm.

GiGi’s Circus tells the tale of a precocious young circus goer who dreams big. Based on a book by Ian Falconer, written and directed by Nancy Carter, GiGi’s Circus is a fantastical and fun memory of a time when imagination ruled all. A show for the whole family, this production will appeal particularly to those who grew up dreaming of running away with the circus and to those who never grew up at all.  Catch a wild Lyra act, focused partner acrobatics, cool controlled trapeze tricks, some sassy hooping and plenty of aerial fabrics.

AAU’s Student Performing Company made their debut in April of this year. Instructor Liz Stich says of the formation of the company, “We’ve got students whose aerial technique is quite advanced. It’s time for them to move into more advanced performance situations as well.” GiGi’s Circus will also include guests from AAU’s Youth Performing Company. YPC Director Adriane Colvin notes, “These kids train so hard; they are really excited to show their stuff at Fringe.” Director Nancy Carter pushes students to expand their skills, “Yes, you can handstand on the trapeze, but can you express the overflowing enthusiasm of the character? We already know you can do the big drops, but can you be funny?” Cast member Cambria DeLee, “I was that kid who thought she could do every act in the circus. That dream is kind of true now!”  


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