Cotopaxi Questival

28 Jul

07-28-2017 to 07-29-2017 – Topping charts as a top activity and choice getaway for summer 2017 is the nationwide 50-stop Cotopaxi Questival 24-hour adventure-race, which is touching down in Salt Lake City on July 28-29.

Hundreds of teams of 2-6 people across North America will take Summer 2017 by storm as they work off a “challenge list” of 300+ location-specific experiences and are tasked to imaginatively complete as many challenges as possible in 24 hours. What makes this event unique to SLC are the many challenges tailored to the respective city each Questival is hosted in. For the Salt Lake City Challenge List, think: do a handstand in front of City Creek Canyon Trailhead sign, sing a song with your team as if you were the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, visit Utah Olympic Park in Park City, or take a selfie in front of Cotopaxi’s first & only brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Salt Lake.

While the team that completes the most challenges in 24 hours wins, it’s not mandatory to participate the entire 24 hours: each team can chose how long they want to participate, whether it be for an hour, five hours, a few hours here and there, or for the full day.
And it’s not just about checking challenges off your list at each of the 50 nationwide Questival stops — there’s a kickoff party at each location (for SLC Questival: Big Cottonwood Park in Millcreek, UT) that includes: music, food, giveaways, and community-driven experiences. It’s all about getting outdoors, immersing yourself in the city and surrounding areas and having an incredible 24hrs with your favorite people and as part of a bigger community.


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