Local Colors of Utah Gallery Launches a New Artist Show for April and May

14 May

04-20-2017 to 05-16-2017 – Photographer Shayne Shaw states “After shooting for a few years I realized that a lot of the subjects and places I was photographing had been photographed many times by many photographers. I then made it a goal to try to get shots that didn’t look like everyone else’s shot.  Nightscapes in particular have become a strong passion of mine. Shooting almost any subject at night can add mystery, intrigue and a special beauty that shooting the same subject during the daylight can’t match. I honestly believe that there are things in this world that nobody will ever see if some photographer doesn’t take a photo of it.”

The art world according to Lawrence Adkinson: “I enjoy bringing new life to discarded objects, depicting man’s relationships with the earth and nature.  In doing so I incorporate a key as a symbol of usefulness and new life to each sculpture I create.  My hope is that the viewer of my art will incorporate the sculpture’s meaning into their lives.  I considers it a compliment when someone says to me ‘I can’t describe this in words, but I feel it!'”


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