Matthew Sketch Art Exhibit

5 May

05-06-2017 to 05-06-2017 – About the Artist:

I paint because I do not express myself to the outside world very effectively otherwise. When I try, very little room is left for interpretation, as I tend to be a very direct and blunt person. I like that my art allows for interpretation by the viewer, so that they may have their own experience and take what they want from my work.

As a child I grew up in unstable environments and was sometimes homeless. I often escaped my reality through art. I have been through quite a few careers before I chose to delve completely into being a full time artist. From modeling in New York, to being a welder, and later moving on to spend more than ten years in the engineering field designing process plants and chemical refineries. I feel that at every point of my life, I have created things, or have been part of the creative process. The problem I found, still, was my inability to express myself through my work in of any of these careers. Even at a managerial level, I felt muted. As most things in life tend to go full circle, I find myself escaping the restraints of the world and the vehicle is once again art. I have never had an actual art class, but have been fortunate to meet and be inspired by great artists who are happy to help me with the fundamentals that classes may have taught me. Maybe I am still missing the fundamentals, but the possibility of that is what makes me wake up, open myself up as a student of art and the world in general, and strive to make better art every day.

I work mostly with acrylic paint and watercolor and try to infuse texture and emotion into my brush strokes. Many of my acrylic paintings are composed of abstract backgrounds, from which I build upon and compound, often with the addition of modern surreal portraiture. I was once described as a “simply complicated person”, I would also describe my art as that.

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