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Face To Face

31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – After 25 successful years in punk rock, it’s a label that speaks for itself. In lots of ways it feels like coming home.” Protection draws from the energy and passion of face to face’s early records but is filtered through Keith’s unique worldview as a true “lifer” in punk rock, someone whose songs have influenced an entire generation of bands. The result is an urgent and powerful 11-song effort that borrows from the melody and angst of the band’s early days with lyrics that are thoughtfully written from the perspective of a “40 something” veteran punk rocker, from “Double Crossed” and “Say What You Want” (Keith’s personal favorites) to the vicious barb “14:59” and the emotionally moving “Bent But Not Broken.”

Janet Gray Studios’ “Ruby Anniversary” Celebrates 40 Years of Dance Education

31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – Janet Gray Studios will present its biennial performance entitled “Ruby Anniversary—Celebrating 40 Years of Dance Education” at Kingsbury Hall on Thursday, June 1 at 7:00 p.m. This performance will feature choreography inspired by the geological, metaphysical, and cultural properties of the ruby gemstone.

“Our 13 member talented faculty have created extraordinary dances in all styles including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and African,” said studio owner and founder, Janet Muse Gray.

Dancers will also perform guest choreography by Stephanie Thomas and Rosie Banchero. Both choreographers studied with Janet Gray in their youth and went on to choreograph and perform professionally in the community. Stephanie Thomas choreographs for and performs with local musical theater groups. Rosie Banchero created her own group Wofa Afro Fusion Dance which regularly collaborates with Merveilles Utah! Kissidugu Foundation to bring workshops, cultural education, and performances to our Utah arts community.

Otter Creek, a nationally recognized folk duo with a reputation for musical virtuosity, will perform musical interludes. Otter Creek’s Mary and Peter Danzig combine folk music with a seasoning of western roots combined with some Celtic flavoring.

Janet Muse Gray has owned and artistically directed her private studio since 1978. Her students have appeared professionally on Broadway, in Disney productions, on major cruise lines, in Actor’s Equity musical theater tours, and locally at the Pioneer Theatre Company, Egyptian Theatre Park City, and Hale Center Theatre. Currently she serves as board member for Repertory Dance Theater and the National Fine Arts Advisory Board for the College of Performing and Visual Arts, Southern Utah University.

Jon Rineman

31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – Jon Rineman is currently the head monologue writer on NBC’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

He has appeared as a stand up and performer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and tours the country performing stand-up comedy. Jon Rineman is a writer and stand up comedian. A 2005 Emerson College graduate, Jon has been a regular at Harvard Square’s Comedy Studio since 2004. Based in Boston, he became a freelance monologue writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, contributing daily jokes about current events to the top-rated show in late-night television. In 2005, Jon was published in the Improper Bostonian’s annual humor edition. Recently, Jon also appeared as a featured stand up comedian on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He appears regularly at all of the top New York City comedy clubs, including Caroline’s on Broadway and Stand Up NY on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Jon lives in New York City.


31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – Oriented is a feature documentary that follows the lives of three gay Palestinian friends confronting their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv. Determined to “change their reality,” the three best friends form a group called “Qambuta”, a non-violent, cultural resistance movement fighting for gender and national equality. Through their activism, they address what it means to grow up with the burden of a multi-faceted identity.

Sojo Summerfest Concert by Utah Philaharmonic Orchestra

31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – The Utah Philharmonic Orchestra (UPO) provides musicians, teachers, young people, and families live symphonic concerts and assists communities without a local orchestra who seek to make these live experiences available to their residents. Both cultural and educational components are provided by a well-developed symphony alleviating the burden of overhead costs required to maintain a local orchestra for these cities.

Twiztid – The Psychomania Tour

31 May

06-01-2017 to 06-01-2017 – Morbid Angel is an American death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. The band was one of the original death metal bands signed to Earache Records, and was also influential in the transition of death metal from its thrash metal roots to its current form by incorporating guttural vocals, up-tempo blast beats, atonality in guitar soloing, and dark, chunky, mid-paced rhythms. They have been described as one of “the most influential and emulated bands in death metal”, alongside Cannibal Corpse, and have been cited as an influence by many later bands.

VAI Graduating Senior Show

31 May

05-12-2017 to 06-01-2017 – Featuring the excellent portfolio work of senior students in our program, including observational drawing and painting, digital illustration, ceramic sculpture and narrative comics.