Great Salt Lake Audubon Birds and Bites Presents Burrowing Owls

16 Apr

04-18-2017 to 04-18-2017 – Burrowing owls are small owls that live primarily in prairies, grasslands, rangelands, shrub-lands, deserts and agricultural areas of North America. In Utah, the burrowing owl is included on the “Utah Sensitive Species List” as a Species of Special Concern and is listed by USFWS as a National Bird of Conservation Concern (2002). It has been listed as such because of declining populations throughout its range. The foremost threat to burrowing owls is the loss of habitat. Expanding human settlement and road construction have depleted habitat available to burrowing owls. Wildlife Biologists have initiated the use of artificial nest sites for the Burrowing Owl. These artificial sites provide protection from predators, shifting sands and bison. While helping in the Conservation of a “Sensitive Species”, these artificial sites also provide great Watchable Wildlife opportunities. We will have the opportunity to learn about the Burrowing Owl and the conservation efforts of the Antelope Island State Park biologists.


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