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Save Your Own Skin

31 Mar

examining the cultural impact of military innovations

by Tanja London, Carloss Chamberlin, Jason Rabb, Nick Foster, Ami Hanna
The THOUGHT EXHIBITION is an installation displaying the history of prominent examples of assimilated military technology, such as canned food, computers, methamphetamine, the internet, GPS, mass produced spider silk, and artificial skin. Canned food, for example, was invented for the Napoleonic Wars (1799 – 1815). Today processed food poses the ethical dilemma that it both saves lives of people in need and contributes to obesity and the worldwide epidemic of diabetes. The exhibition aims to show that assimilated military technologies often have long term consequences that are hard to predict when they first come upon the scene. What are possible consequences of current military technologies?

The MOVEMENT DIALOGUE is driven by questions arising from the prototype of a “bulletproof skin.” In 2011, this artificial skin was invented by Dutch bio-artist Jalila Essaïdi in response to the U.S. military’s endeavor to invent bulletproof vests made of mass-produced spider silk. Essaïdi used spider silk from Utah State University’s transgenic goats to manufacture a bio-scaffold for human skin cells to grow into. A slowed down bullet was repelled by four layers of this artificial skin. Usually, bulletproof vests are made of 36 layers of Kevlar. Although Essaïdi wanted to inspire a dialogue about the relativity of safety with her project ‘2.6g 329m/s’, it mostly was received as progress in military technology. When does the need for security go from inspiring protection-technologies to a way of life that adversely forms our culture and impacts our sensory system and way of being?

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A Streetcar Named Desire

31 Mar

03-15-2017 to 04-01-2017 – A tragic story of love, loss, passion and guilt, Tennessee Williams’ immortal classic is brought to life on The Grand’s stage. The Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama in 1948, the story centers around Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski and Harold Mitchell (Mitch). Broke and having lost her family home, Blanche is left with no choice but to move in with her sister Stella and her husband Stanley in New Orleans. While there she meets Mitch, a friend of Stanley’s, for whom she quickly begins to have romantic feelings. As the show progresses, we discover secrets from Blanche’s past and a sinister side to Stanley. Please join us for this American masterpiece.

Baseball: University of Utah vs. Oregon

31 Mar

03-30-2017 to 04-01-2017 – Join the University of Utah Baseball team as they take on the University of Oregon. For Thursday’s game we will be having our Pac-12 Celebration night where we give away Pac-12 Championship pennant flags.

Educators’ Half-day: Bookmaking in Your Classroom

31 Mar

04-01-2017 to 04-01-2017 – Making books is a great way to engage students in their learning while practicing fine motor skills, encouraging creative expression, and supporting literacy. In this workshop, educators learn variations of three simple book forms— accordion, single sheet books, and the diamond fold—to share with their students.

Flamenco Workshop

31 Mar

04-01-2017 to 04-01-2017 – Flamenco Workshop from 11-1 focusing on all of the aspects of flamenco dance: footwork, rhythms, turns, palmas, castanets and MORE!


31 Mar

04-01-2017 to 04-01-2017 – Jay Wayne Jenkins, better known by his stage name Young Jeezy, is an American hip hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. In 1998, he launched the label imprint CTE World.

One Face One Flag

31 Mar

04-01-2017 to 04-01-2017 – Kids with autism, volunteers, employees and students will place the flags to show support for the number of people affected with autism in Utah. Currently, in Utah, 1 in 58 children will be diagnosed with Autism. This year 16,000 flags will be placed to represent the 16,000 children in Utah with Autism.