Downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer to the visiting tourists or the diverse locals, so whether you are from here, or are recovering from jet lag, you are probably looking for things to do in downtown Salt Lake City. If you made it to the Sundance Film Festival and after you have seen the LDS Temple, there are plenty of Utah events around the state and especially downtown Salt Lake City.

All of your Salt Lake City Events can be found on the local start-up site is your local guide to local events, and covers everything from your convention calendar, nightlife, Salt Lake City concerts, Sundance Films, local theaters, and the occasional hamster pro wrestling event.

They cover various venues as well, such as the Capital Theater that makes Utah famous, the Broadway Theater, In the Venue, The Complex, and various other nightclubs and places that are in your area. If there are attractions and activities you are looking to discover, then look no further.

The founders themselves are Utah based students and entrepreneurs, who are making it an effort to easily inform the local population about local events that are currently happening and upcoming to the SLC area. Tired of having missed so many shows, or hearing about how fun the various shows were as the news finally mentions them on the last night you could have made it, they knew there was a need for a service such as this, and so was started.

So give it a chance, we promise you will not be disappointed, and we will promise you that we will help you find out what’s happening locally, get you out there, and never have you bored again!

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